At the Artist-In-Training level, we empower students to realise their unique perspective in art by providing training in artistic skill sets, fostering of new knowledge and broadening of perspectives.
Through opportunities to showcase their talents at exhibitions or on stage, as well as collaborate with partners on projects, students gain confidence in their chosen mode of expression and grow into their identity as budding artists.
There are currently two Visual Arts programmes offered at the Artist-In-Training level – Fine Arts, and Ceramics. With adequate training, students can further learn conceptualisation skills by pursuing a Certificate in Visual Arts offered by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
There are currently three Performing Arts programmes offered at the Artist-In-Training level – Team Energise (Community Engagement), BEYOND DIS:PLAY (Professional Development), and VS Dance.
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4 January – 11 March 2022
21 March – 27 May 2022
27 June – 2 September 2022
12 September – 18 November 2022


All admission begins with a registration where we learn more about the student. Our Programme Executives will then schedule a consultation or audition to better understand the student’s needs, goals, skills and interests.
Entry into the Artist-In-Training level is dependent on the artistic skills and knowledge of the student as he/she would be required to keep up with the curriculum. We may recommend students, who would require more training in fundamental art skills and knowledge, to take preparatory classes at our Foundation level before enrolment into the Artist-In-Training level.
To find out more about our programmes, please contact: Fatimah ( for Ceramics, Victoria ( for Fine Arts, and Azeera ( for Performing Arts.


Beatrice Goh is an Artist-in-Training level visual arts student at ART:DIS Singapore. She was introduced to drawing at a young age to hone her concentration and has since developed a love of trying different mediums and techniques. Her parents noticed too that after undergoing classes at ART:DIS, Beatrice has gained confidence in making decisions and interacting with peers. “We hope that she will continue to build up her skills and apply what she has learnt into different areas of life,” they shared.
Samuel Lee is an Artist-in-Training level performing arts student at ART:DIS Singapore. His father appreciated the person-centred approach ART:DIS employs in training and decided to enrol Samuel into more programmes. Since taking classes in dance, singing and theatre, Samuel has grown in confidence. Opportunities to perform on public platforms such as The Purple Parade has further enabled Samuel to express himself. “He is constantly engaged and enjoys going for weekly classes. I hope that in time, Samuel can be independent and stand on his own two feet,” said Samuel’s father.