At the Emerging Artist level, we empower students to take charge of their own learning, pursue a career in the arts and stand on their own two feet as independent creatives.
By offering dedicated mentorships under the tutelage of veteran artists/educators, shadowing opportunities to receive hands-on learning, and masterclasses to build one’s capacity (i.e. project management, financial literacy, marketing and design, artistic conceptualisation, curation etc), students gain critical experience, skills and knowledge to source and secure their own opportunities.
Students in the visual arts will undergo a two-year programme and at the end of which, they will have the opportunity to organise their own solo exhibition.
For students in the performing arts, they will be part of BEYOND DIS:PLAY (Career Immersion), which provides multiple opportunities for students to produce their own film, performance, dance or music piece.


The registration process begins with an online enrolment where we learn more about the student. Our Programme Executives will then schedule a consultation or audition to better understand the student’s needs, goals, skills and interests.
Entry into the Emerging Artist level is dependent on the artistic skills and knowledge of the student as he/she would be required to keep up with the curriculum. We may recommend students, who would require more training in intermediate art skills and knowledge, to take classes at our Artist-In-Training level before enrolment into the Emerging Artist level.
To find out more about our visual arts or performing arts, please contact Fatimah ( or Joo Soon ( respectively.