Our Foundation level enables students to explore their interest in the arts through classes, workshops and excursions conducted by qualified teachers. By attending weekly classes, students are encouraged to express themselves through art, interact with others and discover the joy in art-making.
In the Visual Arts, students can pick from four programmes to try: Fine Arts, Ceramics, Digital Arts and Animation.
In the Performing Arts, students can pick from these programmes to try: Malay Contemporary Dance, Creative Dance, Hip-Hop Dance, Puppetry Art, Speech & Drama, Choir, Vocal Music, Angklung, Drums, Cajon, Piano, Violin, and Ukulele.
Classes follow the academic calendar as laid out by the Ministry of Education.
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
4 January – 11 March 2022
21 March – 27 May 2022
27 June – 2 September 2022
12 September – 18 November 2022


All admission begins with a registration where we learn more about the student. Our Programme Executives will then schedule a consultation to better understand the student’s needs, goals, skills and interests.
Please note that enrolment is subject to class availability. During busy periods, it may take up to two terms before a class opening becomes available.
To find out more about our programmes, please contact: Victoria (victoria@artdis.org.sg) for Fine Arts, Fatimah (fatimah@artdis.org.sg) for Ceramics, Digital Arts & Animation, and Azeera (azeera@artdis.org.sg) for Performing Arts.


Alexavier Ang is a Foundation level visual and performing arts student at ART:DIS Singapore. His parents shared how classes at ART:DIS has helped Alexavier develop both sides of his brain. They have witnessed improvements in his attention span, focus, behaviours and coordination. Beyond the affordable programme fees, Alexavier’s parents also liked how the teachers at ART:DIS are friendly, considerate and passionate about helping children with special needs discover their talents. “Alexavier loves to make friends and learn new things. At ART:DIS, he is able to relax his mind and body, and participate actively in classes,” they added.
Narisha Kaur is a Foundation level performing arts student at ART:DIS Singapore. Prior to enrolling into ART:DIS, Narisha had little opportunity to express herself on stage and on canvas. Since attending the programme at ART:DIS though, her parents noticed a number of positive changes in Narisha such as being more focused, being a team player and being more vocal in sharing her experiences. “I am thankful for the patience the teachers have extended towards their students. They make sure every child enjoys lessons and has a chance to participate, no matter their abilities,” said Narisha’s parents.