ART:DIS Singapore provides continuous learning opportunities for persons with disabilities in the arts through our three different pathways. Each pathway consists of four levels – Foundation, Artist-In-Training, Emerging Artist, and Professional Artist. As our person-centred approach looks into the holistic development of each student, placement and progression to the next level are pegged to the ability and pace of learning of the student. Within each level, we offer numerous programmes that will stretch a student’s potential.
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Literary Arts
Fine Arts
Digital Arts
Like a tree, ART:DIS aims to nurture each student through the various programmes offered at our three pathways. With constant encouragement at the Foundation level (the root), a student gains strength and grows into an Artist-In-Training (the trunk). Through opportunities at events and projects, a student realises his/her unique perspective and ventures out to better understand his/her role in the community as an Emerging Artist (the branch). Following dedicated training and mentorship, the student achieves independence to stand on his/her own feet and shine as a confident Professional Artist (the fruit).