ART:DIS Singapore provides continuous learning opportunities for persons with disabilities in the arts through our two pathways – Visual Arts, and Performing Arts. Each pathway consists of four levels – Foundation, Artist-In-Training, Emerging Artist, Professional Artist – and within each level, ART:DIS aims to nurture each student through various programmes.

Our person-centred approach emphasises the holistic development of each student. Placement and progression to the next level are pegged to the ability and pace of learning of the student.

Like a tree, ART:DIS aims to nurture each student through the various programmes offered at our pathways. With constant encouragement at the Foundation level (the root), a student gains strength and grows into an Artist-In-Training (the trunk). Through opportunities at events and projects, a student realises his/her unique perspective and ventures out to better understand his/her role in the community as an Emerging Artist (the branch). Following dedicated training and mentorship, the student achieves independence to stand on his/her own feet and shine as a confident Professional Artist (the fruit).