At the Professional Artist level, we engage our artists, artistes and artisans with the community, as well as offer career opportunities and lifelong learning. Through regular participation in events, commissioned works and collaborative projects, our artists are able to build a sustainable income for themselves. In further providing vocational training and knowledge-sharing sessions, our artists can continuously upgrade themselves, maintain independence and build their own network of support.

Expression of Interest

We are always welcoming of professional artists who are interested to collaborate with us. Please send us your CV, Portfolio, Resume and Personal Statement and our Programme Executives will schedule a quick chat to better understand your needs, goals, skills and interests. You may email Suzanna ( or Joo Soon ( for the visual arts or performing arts respectively.


Tay Bee Lian is a Professional visual artist with ART:DIS Singapore. As a traditional Chinese ink painter, she has received many corporate projects from companies such as NOKIA, INSEAD, Centralised Marketing Services and National Council of Social Service. Despite her mastery in this medium, Bee Lian is eager to learn more and challenge herself with new experiences. This was one of the main reasons she decided to join ART:DIS. “I want to improve my overall painting skills. I think there is much I can benefit from having consultation with teachers and feedback from peers,” she shared.


Dr Dawn-joy Leong is a Professional performing artist with ART:DIS Singapore. Her transdisciplinary research and material practice feature immersive and multi-sensory mind-body experiences. Through ART:DIS, Dr Leong was able to work on innovative projects with talented, diverse artists, share her experiences at forums and continue her research on autism. A passionate advocate for equity and representation, Dr Dawn-joy shared: “I hope to see more creative and professional leaders emerging from Singapore’s community of disabled artists so that the mainstream art world would recognise the artistry of disabled artists on an equal footing.”