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Virtual Open House

RSVP before the first session on 22 April 2022

As Singapore’s only arts charity that provides learning and livelihood opportunities for any and all persons with disabilities in the arts, ART:DIS will give your child the right resources and environment to grow. From our person-centred approach that looks at the holistic development of every student, to our certified teachers who developed our lessons and are professionals in their own practice, we are committed to helping your child reach their potential through the arts.

Learn more about what we have to offer at our Open House! Find out more.

Image Description: The above banner is for ARTDIS (Singapore) Ltd’s Virtual Openhouse 2022. In the centre is a computer screen with details of the event including dates, timings and an invitation to learn more about our new arts programmes. Framing the computer screen are four characters – from the top left and moving clockwise, the first character is a young, visually-impaired girl playing the Angklung, the second character is a young, autistic girl manoeuvring a hand puppet, the third character is a young wheelchair user drawing on his iPad with a stylus, and the fourth character is a hard-of-hearing hip hop dancer grooving to the beat. Surrounding these characters are lots of bunting and musical notes, adding to the lively atmosphere of everyone having fun with art.

Temasek Trust-CDC Lifelong Learning Enabling Fund

Application period from 3 December 2021 – 31 December 2022

Persons with disabilities looking to acquire vocational training and independent living skills can now apply to this fund! Administered by SG Enable, applicants will receive $1,000 to defray course fees and/or learning support devices costs.

Foundation level students of ART:DIS’s Fine Arts, Clay, Percussion, Ukulele, Speech & Drama, Creative Dance and Piano programmes are eligible for this reimbursement. Other eligibility requirements are listed in this application form.

Urban Colours Exhibition

On show from 4 January – 29 April 2022

Cubism and Pop Art were two major movements that revolutionised traditional art perspectives in the 20th century.

Till today though, both movements continue to hold influence as seen in our current exhibition, where ten of our professional artists were inspired by these movements use of hard edges, distinct forms and lack of depth to convey reality. From the kitsch to the complex, discover new perspectives along this spectrum and support the divergent yet talented artists behind them.

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